Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Loss

Sudden and tremendous weight loss can be dangerous to the body. If you are on an extreme diet without any help of exercise, your body can lose weight due to nutrient depravation and can result to some adverse effects to the organs of the body as well as the skin. There are several individuals who lose tremendous weight and end up having saggy skin. This problem can be corrected through a number of cosmetic surgery procedures.

However, preparing for a cosmetic surgery is also important. There may be some surgeons who will require you to do some preparation, like exercising and balanced diet, before going into surgery. You must not neglect these preparations and do them religiously.

Weight Loss before Cosmetic Surgery

After consulting a surgeon for the possible cosmetic surgery you can have after a tremendous weight loss, there is a possibility that your surgeon would require you to do some preparations. You should be ready for the tasks and start months before the surgery.

Doing these preparations can provide improved healing and probably less scaring to the incision areas. Firstly, you must exercise and make sure that your muscles are all toned up. This would prepare you for the surgery and help reduce the possible risks and complications of the procedure. More so, in order to help strengthen your muscles, eating a lot of protein-rich food is helpful because they can help the body heal faster.

If you have a weight goal or probably your surgeon has created a weight goal for you, you must concentrate on that goal. Strive hard to achieve that goal or become close to it as much as possible. Additionally, you can take vitamin supplements while doing the exercises to help you stay healthy.

Lastly and probably the most important thing to do before a surgery is to stop and do not smoke. Smoking has adverse effects to the body and can directly affect your body’s ability to heal. What smoking does is to lessen the oxygen intake of the body, which is needed by the cells to heal, as you smoke and know that removing a lot of skin requires a lot of healing.

Gastric Bypass Procedure

Gastric bypass is a procedure done to those who do not want to gain weight and want to restrict their food intake. The procedure is performed by creating a small pouch in the stomach in order to restrict food intake to less than what the person eats before having the operation.

There are several benefits of gastric bypass and they include a more normal life by losing massive amounts of weight. In fact, most patients see the results as they tend to lose 100 to 200 pounds months after the surgery.

After the surgery, you would be able to look and feel better and also fit into more normally sized clothing. More so, you would also be able to return to your active lifestyle and significantly lower the risks normally associated with the major diseases and conditions related with morbid obesity.

Contouring the Body and Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks and body contouring procedures are also done to patients who have lost tremendous weight over a short period of time. These two are popular cosmetic surgeries that are used to strengthen and tighten overly stretched skin and abdominal muscles in order to achieve a flatter and smoother stomach.

These procedures are also done if you have experienced weight gain, pregnancy and more. The effects of these events to the abdomen cause the muscle not to return to its original shape. Also, if the muscles are stretched beyond their limits, they tend to lose their ability to return to normal and respond to various diet programs and exercise.

Exercises after Cosmetic Surgery

Exercise is not only required before any cosmetic surgery but also after, especially after liposuction, body contouring and tummy tuck. After having certain operations, you may be required to do some light exercise in order to improve the healing process. This way, the muscle and skin will tighten and help promote successful recovery.

Often, these exercises are required days after the surgery. In addition, these routines must be done for at least one week in order to provide successful results. If you think you are still not ready to perform such activities, there are several people that can assist you with them.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gourmet Getaway Picnic Basket

The purpose of the Gourmet Getaway Picnic Basket is as food for a picnic.

Pros: Okay, picture this! A blanket spread on the ground under a spreading oak tree with the one you love at your side or surrounded by your closest friends. What’s missing? That’s easy — FOOD is missing. Only by a long stretch of the imagination can you call store-bought chips and cold drinks food. That isn’t really food — that’s really junk.

The food should be good, like the people you share it with. The Gourmet Getaway picnic basket can provide the right gourmet ingredients for a perfect day. The Gourmet Getaway picnic basket includes lemon biscotti bites, crunchy munchy snack mix, focaccia crisps, Bavarian pretzels, smoked almonds, brie rounds, salami, lime candies, sourdough nuggets, snack mix, mint chocolate sticks, Napa Valley mustard, amaretto almond cookies, green tea, sweet cheese sticks, and a cheese spreader, too.

Cons: An ironclad guarantee of satisfaction is important to me particularly when I am making purchases online. I would recommend that customers pay with credit cards so that they can have some recourse if the product does not arrive undamaged and on time.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee of satisfaction or a return policy on the Givens & Company website that I could find.

Value for money: The Gourmet Getaway Picnic Basket is of excellent quality and certainly in good taste. It is a good value.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula

Those shopping for vitamin and health supplements

The purpose of the Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula is to help reduce cholesterol.

Pros: Most of us today are well aware of the dangers of high cholesterol. As a nation, we have reduced our intake of fatty foods and saturated fat…or at least we are trying to. Some, but not all, of the fast food joints do seem to be trying harder to make their food healthier and lower in saturated fat…or course there is still plenty of fat in fast food and we all indulge occasionally.

Taking Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula can help you to lower your cholesterol naturally and painlessly. Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula is designed to promote heart health as well as to reduce the LDL "bad" cholesterol. Additionally, Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula has been shown to help maintain the levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is a molecule in our bloodstream, and studies have shown that high levels of homocysteine may be linked to cardiovascular and neurological health.

Cons: The lack of a guarantee of satisfaction is a con in my opinion. I like guarantees of satisfaction for purchases made on the Internet. There IS contact information given on the website. The Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula seems to be a good product and one that will deliver what it promises, however.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee of satisfaction posted on the Life Expand website.

Value for money: Cholest Factor Cholesterol Formula is a good product at a reasonable price and it is a very good value.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Brew Express Built-in Coffee Maker

Cooks of both sexes and all levels of expertise

The purpose of The Brew Express Built-in Coffee Maker is to provide the ability to build in the coffeemaker and relieve clutter on the counter space.

Pros: I have always had two major complaints about coffeemakers: (1) they take up too much counterspace; and (2) the coffee is never hot enough. Other coffeemaker companies have designed models that can go under the top kitchen cabinets, but the coffee still isn’t hot enough. The Brew Express Built-in Coffee Maker offers a solution to both of these common complaints.

The Brew Express Built-in Coffee Maker is a built-in appliance designed to complement your kitchen rather than clutter it. The first thing you will notice about this product is the contemporary stainless steel design, which is intended to harmonize with your other appliances. There are brains behing the beauty. Every step of the brewing process is controlled, from speed and exact temperature of the brew cycle to electronic programming capabilities. So every time you pour a cup of coffee, you get a perfect cup of coffee.

Cons: The Brew Express Built-in Coffee Maker will overflow, and the coffee is hotter than made by similar coffee makers. In addition, the carafe is stainless steel, so you must remember to empty.

Guarantee: Chefs Corner stands behind the products they sell and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a replacement or refund.

Value for money: The Brew Express Built-in Coffee Maker is a really excellent product, and it is a good value.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Residential Endless Pool form Endless

Consumer: Those who require a year round swimming pool for exercise.

The purpose of the Residential Endless Pool is to provide a place where swimming for exercise can be accomplished year round from the consumer’s own home or business.

Pros: The Residential Endless Pool will fit through most doorways in homes or businesses and so can be installed at most locations. The swim area dimensions of the Residential Endless Pool are 7’ x 14’ x 39” which makes it large enough to accommodate most adults.

According to the Endless Pools website, the basic Residential Endless Pool package includes “5 HP stainless-steel Water Propulsion System, Water Quality System (cartridge filter, circulating pump, timer, 5.5 kw electric heater, pool water purifier), Floating Thermal Cover, Dark Blue Liner, Pool Vacuum, and Aqua-Aerobics Exercise Bar.”

There is an almost endless array of additional options available with the basic Residential Endless Pool package including a 50 Hertz electrical equipment specifically designed for those countries requiring it that costs $1000 and a manual retractable security cover that adds another $1,250 to the basic price or the Residential Endless Pool.

Cons: There are no particular cons associated with the Residential Endless Pool. However, you do need plenty of indoor space to devote to installation of the pool.

Guarantee: There was no statement of guarantee on the endless Pool website.

Value for money: For those who require a pool that can be used year round for health or fitness reasons, the Endless Pool would be considered a good value.